December 25, 2015

Asmah Bibi – Certified Life Coach

Why Coaching and Personal Progression?

My Life has been changing immensely over the last few years. These experiences have led me to find myself and purpose in life. Firstly by helping me deal with my own personal challenges and secondly supporting others through theirs. This is why I knew training as a Life Coach to support my development and understand myself better and help and serve others was the way to go.

For me supporting people when they are going through a period of challenge, transition and breakthrough is extremely rewarding. I believe Allah SWT put me on this Earth to do that. Not only do I inspire but I influence positive change. I believe the sky is not the limit because I have learnt that Allah's bounty is limitless.  When you learn to Trust that Allah SWT has a great plan for you then your confidence in life will start to grow. You will see things happening to you when this belief becomes stronger. This is what is known as Tawwakkul (Trust in Allah).

Since I have made these positive changes I have experienced Brilliant things such as the following

  1. Started Praying and Practicing my deen more
  2. Left an Abusive Marriage after 15 years
  3. Won the Mercy Mission Team Challenge in 2008 and had our Dawah Bus idea turned into a reality – (Dragons Den Style Competition)
  4. Passed my Driving test after 10 years
  5. Acquired 2 senior Nursing Roles in my day Job as a Nurse
  6. Taught at University as a Guest teacher
  7. Trained and Passed In Essential Coaching Skills to become a Life Coach With Academy of Coaching Cognition based in the USA.
  8. Presented Coaching Seminar workshop online and in the local community.
  9. Helped run a Revert Support Group voluntarily at the local mosque for 18 months.
  10. Written and had two articles published for the Productive Muslim Website
  11. Entered two poems ‘Poetry Rivals 2013’ and ‘The Great British Write Off 2014’ competition and won Publication in both of them.

These are just a few of the great things I have achieved over the last eight years. As your Coach I am on a mission to achieve Greater things including serving you insha-Allah helping you to learn how to become more confident and goal orientated in your life. I can also help you through the stages of wanting something to happen and knowing that it will happen providing you are doing what you need to ‘tie your Camel’ and then put your trust in Allah.

I have not learnt to do these things in one night. It has been progressive in nature. That’s why I use the term 'Personal Progression' because you learn Tawwakkul through your challenges and you can progress to achieve great things. As long as you want it, pray for it and work towards it then just like me you will start to see amazing results.

If you would like me to serve you and are craving to have some positive influence and change in your life then get in touch with me and let’s get started.

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