My Millionaire Muslimah Entrepreneurial Awakening and ‘The Billion Dollar Muslim’ (Book Review)

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For those of you who know me really well you know that I’ve been on this massive journey of self discovery over the last few years. I have realised some of my talents and even added a dose of self love (seriously). I feel my personal growth has been immense and as always I always attribute my personal growth and success to my creator Alhumdulilah. That has got to be the most powerful thing anyone can feel because any real change comes when a person realises their true purpose and believes they have been put on the earth to make a difference to themselves and the lives of everyday folk stuck and paralysed by their own mindsets, or those who are just going with the status quo without questioning anything.

I really believe that self reflection and questioning is the only way to break out of this immobilisation and paralysis. That’s why I got my self a coach and that’s why I became a coach because I believe I’m good at this and that any real progress is made with the proper support.  Although I yet have many barriers to break It has given me a sense of starting to ‘break free’ from the internal shackles that have held me back for so long. Islam also highly encourages that a person lives beyond mediocrity and I suppose knowing that we should aim for excellence in everything we do has been a massive contributory factor to help me become more than mediocre.

So when I was asked last year just after I had my baby if I wanted to do a course called the ‘Millionaire Muslimah’ by my then coach. In reality I had no idea what it was going to do for me. Even the title of the course didn’t entice me because I would never attribute myself to being a millionaire. I did however realise something very important. This was one of my duas (prayers) (dream duas for those of you who know) being answered. I’d been asking for something that would help me to develop at higher level which I could then use to develop my Coaching Business. My coaching Business was something I was going to have on the side of my Nursing job and  I don’t think I realised anything for myself beyond that. That was the peak.

I found the course tough at times with a little baby. It was 12 weeks of watching a video, working through the exercises and a live Coaching Call which was my favorite part. I’d promised myself that whilst I was off work the least I would do was put together my website and start blogging to attract clients. Alhumdulilah I did and Alhumdulilah it worked. The thing that really topped it for me though, the thing that opened my mind to having a massive shift from saying that I have a Coaching Business to saying that I am an Entrepreneur with a passion for Personal Development was taking the action to enter and win the competition. ‘Take the Jump’ that is. Winning does matter sometimes. The competition itself wasn’t much really but it felt like a really big deal.  I had to write an A4 statement to say what I had learnt, where I had got to and where I needed help as well as completing the course and the videos.

I felt massive task anxiety and really didn’t think I had it in me. I had irrational thoughts about not being good enough to win and knowing I had little business acumen and all the other waft of business buzz words that you constantly hear. My anxiety was also exacerbated by other factors such as the thought of going back to work. As much as I tried to look forward to the idea of going back I didn’t really and that was the truth. I really felt like I was at a crossroads. I had no idea which way I needed to go. Then (this is when you realise why everything in life is decreed) the following video crossed my path

Prior to my mat leave I’d been working on Intensive Care for over 18 months. Going to ITU really freaked me out but I stuck with it and just before I left to start maternity leave I really started to enjoy it until I had my baby. Something inside me changed- big time. In the three years before ITU I had divorced, remarried, left my home and moved after 15 years, had 3 new jobs not to mention this self discovery journey I’d been on so naturally my head was frazzled . Steven Harvey said in his video above ‘Eventually the Parachute has to open’. The video had an instantaneous effect on me and I just knew this was a sign. Like something out of a movie I felt like I was having a crazy awakening so much so that it pushed me to write from the heart for my competition entry. As I re look at my entry I realise what a massive mind shift it was for me and how much I needed it. I was experiencing an Entrepreneurial awakening.

I haven’t made my million (not yet) but what happened to me (excuse the pun) was no less than priceless. Winning the competition was like the icing on the cake and since then so many amazing doors have opened. I even call myself an Entrepreneur now and I believe it.

As an Entrepreneur and even before reaching this stage I have often reflected deeply about the spiritual aspects of Islam and how they correlate with the business world. This includes humility, kindness and being good to each other. Again my personal experiences and watching family members struggle with business have shaped my thoughts and beliefs.

My coach had added me to a social media Entrepreneurial group about a year before Millionaire Muslimah. This group has some amazing focused six figure earning Muslim Entrepreneurs. Quite inspiring really.

I as a very novice Entrepreneur had so many questions, misconceptions and ideas that needed answering and exploring especially from the Islamic spiritual side and needed so many of my concerns to be addressed because in reality I want to be good at Entrepreneurship and do good with it. The money for me is a fruit but I’m also conscious about getting Entrepreneurship right as we should by Allahs’ commands.

I’d often find that even if I raised questions people couldn’t really answer them. Until I came across Khuram Malik on the group. Khuram Malik has written a book called ‘Billion Dollar Muslim’. He has discussed the subject of Islamical Entrepreneurship driven by God consciousness and underpinned by the Sunnah (Prophetic Model) in the most profound way.


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This book has invoked some very raw feelings that have been buried in me for some time. My Entrepreneurial awakening has not happened as a coincidence. Over the last few years I have witnessed first hand some of the seriously undercut, underhand and bad charactered behaviors that exist in our Muslim organisations. Some directly and indirectly towards me. Regardless of why I believe this it pains me to the core. I like most people when I started practicing Islam felt very elated. That was until I realised that Islam and Muslims can at times be worlds apart. Fact!

I believe that the sole reason for this stems from a fear of rizq (sustenance, abundance) not coming our way that drives such behavior whether its for the Masjid or for our selves we undercut each other and hurt each other because our fear of rizq. No one is immune from it because shaitaan whispers to all of us. Khuram has addressed this in his book and the need for introspection as a means to prevent this. He has also provided examples good practices such as those in Silicone Valley where the practices that occur could be attributed to the model of our Sunnah. He has relayed how these practices have then facilitated success to various companies within Silicone Valley.

He has also discussed what happens on the flip side of the coin when you have an egotistic co worker and the negative connotations of that. I love that this book has offered this. It makes me think about our expectations as Muslims to attain Barakah in our lives and hopes for the Ummah to rise again. How can this even begin to happen if we don’t follow the sunnah in our dealings? In business or otherwise.

It’s this underhand tactical behaviour that has got us here in the first place. Its corporate (the bad part) and not prophetic. The examples the book gives with each chapter are all very profound and I could go on and on.

I’m not a scholar but I know that good behaviours towards each other will bring Allahs blessings and barakh. I don’t want to come across as a know it all or flawless because I’m not but our ummah is in crisis because we are all in crisis with each other. Brother Khurams’ book makes me feel alive knowing that there is hope and if we aim to be self sufficient for the sake of Allah with goodness kindness and humility attached Khair will come our way. I believe every ayah, every hadith, and every quote has been selected and placed with great thought to move our hearts and make us think about where we fit in Allahs bigger plan and question why we are chasing Entrepreneurship. I mean what is it that we really want to do with it? Serve Allah or serve our egos and bank balances? It’s really made me reflect that deeply.

This book has also reignited a gargantuan sense of hope in my heart. SubhanAllah. I feel like Allah SWT has taken my deepest concerns and addressed them via this book. At the same time and NOT coincidentally he has guided me to pursuing Entrepreneurship. SubhanAllah Allah SWT has inspired the Millionaire Muslimah competition winner by the Billion Dollar Muslim book. I’m in awe Alhumdulilah!

The book has also made me think about risk taking and how those who make don’t fear their rizq make sacrifices with a firm belief and faith that Allah is their provider and how they eventually succeed. With it also being Dhul Hijjah we are reminded about this by the sacrifices our noble Prophet Ibrahim AS made and how he needed to trust that Allah would provide for his wife and child. Our Rizq will come if we are patient and we should be reminded of this in the following example.

Abraham walked through cultivated land, desert, and mountains until he reached the desert of the Arabian Peninsula and came to an uncultivated valley having no fruit, no trees, no food, no water. The valley had no sign of life. After Abraham had helped his wife and child to dismount, he left them with a small amount of food and water which was hardly enough for two days. He turned around and walked away. His wife hurried after him asking: “Where are you going, Abraham, leaving us in this barren valley?”

Abraham did not answer her, but continued walking. She repeated what she had said, but he remained silent. Finally, she understood that he was not acting on his own initiative. She realized that Allah had commanded him to do this. She asked him: “Did Allah command you to do so?” He replied: “Yes.” Then his great wife said: “We are not going to be lost, since Allah, Who has commanded you, is with us.”

Abraham invoked Almighty Allah thus: “0 our Lord! I have made some of my offspring to dwell in a valley with no cultivation, by Your Sacred House (the Kaba at Mecca); in order, 0 our Lord, that they may offer prayers perfectly (Iqamat-as-Salat), so fill some hearts among men with love towards them, and (0 Allah) provide them with fruits so that they may give thanks. 0 our Lord! Certainly, You know what we conceal and what we reveal. Nothing on the earth or in the heaven is hidden from Allah.” Surah 14: 37-38

The book has empowered me and made me feel that by having complete and utter reliance on Allah SWT having a sense servitude to the ummah ,and by not fearing my rizq we will attain real financial and internal freedom. Entrepreneurship that is spiritually inspired therefore, is the only way to go about it.

I really believe that Khuram has raised the bar about Muslim Entrepreneurship within an Islamical context. The sorts of discussions that have been raised in this book have been needed for some time despite the existence of Muslim Entrepreneurship. The book however is also very apt for the masses because he has addressed the need for humans to alter their mindset and seek out Entrepreneurship in order for this world to start to thrive again ethically and responsibly. Where this is the norm rather than the chaos and carnage that we see due to oppressive human systems. There is a strong discussion about releasing ourselves from the drugeony that holds us down and enslaves us. The evil 9-5 that is.

There is also a very pertinent discussion surrounding fears that have been driven in to us from a pre historical context and the negative notions that exist about having wealth. He also brings to light the other side of the picture about how wealth brings with it choices and the ability to influence positively if we follow a model of accountability. He has challenged the status quo of going to School, College, University and getting a job and how indeed that is very counterproductive for humans and society in the long run

I really believe that as a Muslim Entrepreneur who has any sense of taqwa and love for Allah in his heart not reading this book will serve as a dire mistake. Khuram Malik has written this book from his heart a place of dedication, passion, love for the deen and a desire to see the world and it’s inhabitants in a better place. Something that I personally feel very few understand. If not already Khuram Maliks’ caliber on Muslim Entrepreneurship based on a spiritual model is above and beyond normal, and if he hasn’t already been recognised as such without doubt he is an advanced thought leader on this subject matter. With assurity he knows what he is talking about.

I believe this book has already kick started and unleashed a spiritually embedded Muslim Entrepreneurial revolution. Even as I write this super-blog today I know that a highly respected Entrepreneurial Muslim has shown great interest in Khurams work. I had a feeling this book would cause ripples and it has in me and in the greater Muslim Entrepreneurial space.

For me as a new Entrepreneur this book represents exciting times ahead. So do not underestimate the power this book has. In essence therefore read it or seriously lose out on being the best Muslim Entrepreneur you could ever be.

As someone who struggles to finish books I couldn’t put this down. I believe any Muslim/ non Muslim who reads this book will go away enlightened and receiving more value than they anticipated before they bought the book. I have truly been moved by what I have read.

33 thoughts on “My Millionaire Muslimah Entrepreneurial Awakening and ‘The Billion Dollar Muslim’ (Book Review)

  • Great story and very nice review on the Billion Dollar Muslim. Its amazing how we have been conditioned by our families to think that entrepreneurship is not a profession or a viable means to make a halal income. I think this book will help dispel that myth then encourage and inspire Muslims all over the world who are needing that extra push to break out of their shells and their 9-5 jobs and consider dipping their toes into the entrepreneurial ocean. Jzk for a really nice post!

  • Thanks for sharing your entrepreneurial journey Asmah… I can definitely relate to what you experienced especially the task anxiety… I am so glad you got help and an amazing help because I’ve realized that whenever I got the support of a coach and whenever I hired an assistant that bought into the mission of my business, they held me accountable and helped me achieve more… Alhamdulilah… I will add this book to the list of books I’d like to read insha Allah… Wishing you nothing but success and acceptance from Allah in your work sis.

  • What an inspiring journey you’ve had Asmah mashaAllah ta barakAllah. I’m so glad I tuned into the live reading outside Buckingham Palace as well, you can tell that Br Malik really believes in what he’s sharing with the world! He shares the same name with my son (Malik), it’s a sign from Allah swt I should read the book LOL!

  • MashaAllah amazing insight and I agree. The book really challenges our current thinking and encourages us to raise the entrepreneurial bar within our Ummah.

  • What a wonderful honest insight into your journey Asmah, and a glowing review for ‘The Billion Dollar Muslim’. Congratulations on your winning entry for Millionaire Muslimah!

  • Jzk Asmah for being such an inspiration for us. In our busy lives we often forget how easy it can be to find meaning in even little things and you’ve always been great in reminding me of that. Haven’t read a book in a while, maybe this will be my next! InshaAllah X

  • May Allah bless you in your business endevours Asmah and continue to place beneficial guidance on your path.
    The book sounds great and if our Ummah followed that advice, we’d be a booming halal economy; gaining reward after reward for every penny we make and for every moment we spend working with the intention to please Allah.

  • Allahumma baarek, I think this is my favourite blog of yours to date. Such a great writing style mashaAllah and the book sounds pretty good! Looking forward to your next piece inshaAllah. May Allah increase you in goodness my dear bud ameen x

  • Wow Asmah you are amazing woman , your life story is amazing testimony to you being a heroin in how you take on all that was and is thrown your way ..well done and keep going mate !! SubhanAllah only Allah knows Ones destiny but the road to success is taking the initiative to learn and go for it in sha Allah!! I don’t know about anyone else but you certainly have got me sitting up and wanting to open up this book even though maybe not for myself but surly for learning and understanding for our future generations and the muslim way of survival. May Allah swt help the Ummah to strive and better itself only for the pleasure of Allah swt in the best way xxx wish you all the good and best in this duniya hand the next xx

  • Very insightful Asmah. It teaches me if you can do something your passionate about what’s stopping the rest of us. May you reach your goals Ameen x

  • Ma sha Allah, so proud of how far you’ve come Asmah. It’s amazing how much a little bit of optimism, willpower and bucketloads of faith can do for you. In sha Allah a whole new generation will follow the lead and raise the banner for the ummah x

  • I can’t help but be totally inspired after reading this. It makes a person feel like anything is possible, whatever your situation is today, with the help of Allaah you can be that person you always thought you could never be. Muslim and entrepreneur is not something you hear a lot. So I’m really intrigued, and would really like to find out more about this book InshaAllaah. May Allaah grant you abundant success. Ameen

  • So Asmah, we need a book from you next InshaAllah. I can just see it now, the Entrepreneurial Muslimah: From Struggle to Sujood!!! It would fly off the shelves InshaAllah

  • Asmah, Asmah, Asmah; you have not written a blog, but have given value. The value you have given is indescribable and unmeasurable. It’s beyond monetary value and I really mean that.

    Your blog combined with your book analysis, as it would be unfair to call it a review is not only an eye opener, but hits ones heart. It actually pierced mine, to the extent that I felt so guilty of not having had read Khurram’s book by now.
    I had one ‘boom’ moment earlier today when I felt a huge awakening and the second one while reading your post. All the questions that I have been asking myself and pondering over in order to make decisions have been answered.
    Why should I allow mankind to control my life? Especially when I have taqwa and tawakkul. When I know what Allah SWT has written for me will be mine… Why do I question then? I know what to do and I am doing it. I often dilute what I do, with the fear of the unseen. But I shouldn’t fear the unseen. I know that what’s meant for me will be received by me. So if the decisions I make are infavour of my Deen, then I need not question right? I must have faith, desire and passion to serve.

    And do you know what? That’s what I am going to do InshaAllah. I will serve.

    JazakhAllah Khair Asmah and InshaAllah Allah will bless you and brother Khurram in this duniya and akhira for serving us all-InshaAllah. Ameen x

  • I know personally the struggles and hardships you have faced in your life and im so proud of the fact you have taken every test head on and have always said “qadar Allah ” I’m so lucky to have you as my cousin you are a true inspiration to me and my children. I’m so gratefull to Allah(swt) for sending you my way. I have learnt so much of my deen from you it’s amazing the knowledge Allah swt has given you. You truly are muslimah millionaire 😊

  • Salaam Asmah!

    ”spiritually embedded Muslim Entrepreneurial revolution”
    I love this sentence! I feel to blossom in our personal lives and business everything we do should have a spiritual connection with our Akhirah. After all everything we do will either be used against us or for us when we stand in front of our creator. So if your Niyat is to do something with the Sunnah as the foundation then everything above that will be blessed and go on to flourish as it should.

    Thanks for sharing! Jzk Sister Razwana

  • Salaams,

    This book and your review bring a whole new meaning to Spiritual Entrepreneurship. It answers our ‘why’ for ‘who’ and ‘how’. Why should we choose to be entrepreneurs? For me and all Muslims it should be to serve others using our unique talents and interests we have all been individually blessed with. To be recognised by Allah.Then earn to re-invest to reach even more people.

    What this book does is reminds us it’s ok to be a ‘billionaire’ and a Muslim as long as our ‘why’ is still there. This makes Muslim Spiritual Entrepreneurs different.. regardless of what comes their way whether its an obstacle or a success they never lose sight of why they started in the first place. To please their creator and invest in this life to become even richer than anyone in the next iA. May we all be successful and Allah makes it easy for us. Ameen

    JazakAllah khair for this review! xxx

    • I love what you have articulated indeed the ‘Why’ is and should be the biggest driver behind any muslims enrtreprenership and it should go back to Allah SWT!

  • MashaAllah, what an amazing journey you’ve shared here! Your journey of self-awareness, self-acknowledgement and answering to the Call of Allah, and stepping up to take on your purpose in life MashaAllah! May Allah increae your taqwa and rizq immensely! As someone who has gone through and is still going through this phase , I can sooo relate to you completely at soo many levels! And the book review is also mind blowing – so much ao that I am
    Ordering the book soon InshaAllah 🙂 the Ummah def needs to collectively shift our mindsets especially surrounding the fear of rizq when we all know and believe that all sustenance is only from Allah SWT. MashaAllah gray article and great review!

  • Thank you for sharing your beautiful story and review. I was not drawn to reading the book, not realising what it was about, until I read this. Now it is top of my list once the summit is over insha Allah. It’s great to know that we have books like this out there to encourage us all to an entrepreneurial journey that can also be an investment into our Akhirah!

    Insha Allah!

    • The book is phenomenal it has completely driven me Alhamdulilah. I think this will get you to know my Entrepreneurial drive a bit better now. InshaAllah

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