Punching Procrastination in the Face and telling it to ‘DO ONE’



In the last six weeks I’ve been pushing myself with getting things done. I’ve being doing a ‘take mass action’ challenge and in all honesty it’s  been extremely beneficial. It’s something that is peer group supported and Alhumdulilah I really believe that this is helping my ‘psyche’ because of my long established belief that ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ and also because we are encouraged as Muslims to help one another to do good. This week I have even posted about my progress and current achievement with my weight loss which goes down as one of the hardest challenges I have faced in my life.


I have realised just how much I need to be encouraged and supported with things even if its only a mental sense of knowing that there are people out there who are experiencing the same as me. It means I don’t feel like I’m doing things alone as well as getting things done that I may otherwise be putting of or in a nutshell be ‘procrastinating’ from.

We all procrastinate and my relationship with procrastination has been a long deep rooted one. I believe that experiences in my childhood and trauma I suffered in early adult life are all contributing factors including some spiritual ones which are for another time in another blog post. However not for one minute do I believe I’m lazy or that I don’t work hard because Alhumdulilah I do. I’ve always had a desire to achieve great things and since I have been investing in and pursuing the line of personal development I have pushed my self to really face so many obstacles that have manifested as a result of this condition. I have had to work at my resilience  against this matter however, it hasn’t always been the easiest of journeys but I believe that because my desire to succeed far outweighs my desire to do nothing I have been blessed with the opportunity to do something.

I believe Allah SWT has blessed me with a fighting spirit and I am extremely grateful to him for guiding me Alhumdulilah. I also believe he sent people my way to help like the people I have been receiving coaching from and those who I have undertaken personal development courses with. With this combination of support I would say that I am a recovering procrastinator. Alhumdulilah.

Procrastination is a real issue that real people suffer with and it doesn’t necessarily mean they are lazy but at the same time with out sounding like a procrastination expert it can cause them to become lazy. This is clearly reflected in the following diagram.


The other effect of procrastination I believe is that it effects the potential a person can reach and this can be detrimental to their morale and overall sense of health and being. I have certainly felt like this at times especially when I have suffered periods of inaction with my life and the tasks that need to be completed. I also believe my issues with being overweight are intertwined with the psychological aspects of procrastination. I also believe there are several different levels of it from mild to severe and it is cyclic in nature meaning that it has to be recognised and broken in order for it to be tackled and overcome.

Although procrastination was an issue for me I’ve always had a heightened sense of self awareness and have always known how much I hate it and because I hate it so much I decided that I really wanted to PUNCH IT IN THE FACE and tell it to DO ONE!

One of the things that I have done to get some of the results I have is make dua against it. Islam recognises procrastination as an issue. I have learnt that laziness is from the shaitaan and we must endeavor to fight against it.


The following link explains more http://productivemuslim.com/the-productivemuslim-dua/

So in order to tackle inaction or procrastination the first action one must take is to recognise the problem and make dua against it. If we dont I really believe we are at danger of losing out on becoming the best possible versions of our self. Dua has the power to change a persons qadr so we must ensure we are making the best use of duas that have been prescribed to us in the sunnah to help heal this potentially destructive ailment.


7 thoughts on “Punching Procrastination in the Face and telling it to ‘DO ONE’

  • Love reading your posts… They are really deep and encourage self reflection. Thank you for reminding us about the power of dua. They can change ones qadar… SubhanAllah 🙏💯😘

  • Masha allah beautifully said sis i suffer from procrastination as well and i can identify with everything you said. Thank you ùuuuuuu

  • Hmmmm, I appreciated this blog post Asmah… much of what you are writing and experiencing I can relate to as well. I wish we can sit, chat and have a lovely conversation over coffee one day… May Allah make it happen 🙂

  • “I believe that because my desire to succeed far outweighs my desire to do nothing I have been blessed with the opportunity to do something.”
    I feel this blog post have given a kick on my head, and its gonna change many things for me…

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